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  • Inproved stability and hovering performance.
  • Enlarged effective area for better satellite collection.
  • Shielding protects the GPS module against interference

New GPS top cover

(GPS module integrated)


The new cover has a cambered surface, which helps decreasing the wind resistance on the fuselage during high speed flight.

The stability and hovering performance are greatly improved.

Lift up the GPS module, enlarge the effective area for better satellite collection.

Better shielding the GPS module against the inner magnetic interference, dramatically decreased the toilet bowl effects.

The stainless fasten screws and silicone gasket are locked on the top cover, no more headache of losing the screws.

Better NANO membrane design that brings better stability and hovering performance.

In The Box

GPS cover x 1.


Compatibility: SplashDrone 3+.


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