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SPLASHDRONE 3 | 5200mAh Battery

$ 95.00

  • Specially designed for Splash Drone 3.**NOT Splash Drone 3+
  • Compact size, long flight time.
  • Extended flight time of 20 mins without loaded.

The 5200mAh 14.8V 25C 4 Cell Lipo Battery is specially designed for Splash Drone. Compact size, longer flight time, and good quality. Up to 15 minutes fly time with full AUTO configuration (Gimbal, camera, live video etc). Up to 20 minutes when it’s empty loaded.





In The Box

5200 Lipo battery×1.


Size: 140 x 44x 41 mm

Weight: 510 grams 

Voltage: 14.8V 

Capacity: 5200mAH 

Discharge Current: 25C continuous discharge


Important Notice:

The SplashDrone 3 battery cannot be charged by the new SplashDrone 3+ High Voltage balance charger. If you are SplashDrone 3+ owner, kindly purchase the new 4S LiHV battery for your drone.



Please read the manual carefully about how to maintain the battery.


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