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SPLASHDRONE 3+ | TrollSafe - Trolling and Safety Tension Release

$ 29.00


TrollSafe is an adjustable tension release system for the SwellPro Splashdrone 3+.

TrollSafe can be mounted directly onto a Splashdrone or used in conjunction with any of the SwellPro payload release systems.

TrollSafe can be dynamically adjusted to release the payload from 500g to 8000g of tension – protecting your drone whatever the load. Used by itself, the TrollSafe makes the SplashDrone3+ a very cost-effective fishing drone. Coupled with a camera payload release system like the SwellPro PL2, PL3 or PL4, the SplashDrone becomes a fish hunting machine!


Road Asian Trolling

By controlling the direction and speed of the drone, the bait appears in the water in a variety of forms, similar to fleeing, struggling, etc., and then attracts the target fish to attack.

Hover fishing

The drone can hover in the air and wait for the fish to hook. When the fish reaches a certain pulling force after biting the bait, the bait feeder will automatically release the fishing line.

Fast feeding

The drone is equipped with a bait feeder to quickly and remotely bait to the target position. After the fish is hooked, it can immediately return to the sea, effectively saving power.

Installation method

Mounting TrollSafe directly to the SplashDrone

To use the TrollSafe without a payload release camera, align the threaded hole of the TrollSafe with the hole of the quick-release pad on the underside of the drone (Figure 1). Insert the quick-release screw through the mounting hole of the pad and tighten it into the TrollSafe.

TrollSafe used in conjunction with a PL2, PL3 or PL4 payload release camera.

Tap on the map where you want your drone to go and SplashDrone 3+ will navigate to the destination and hover.

Using TrollSafe

Turn the knob anticlockwise to reduce the release tension. Push the loop of the payload or leader line into the TrollSafe until it is held. Adjust the knob to the appropriate tension for the load being carried. TrollSafe can be adjusted to release at approximately 500g to 8000g of tension. The max. load of SplashDrone 3+ is 1.5kg, pay attention not to adjust the tension too much.



In The Box

Trollsafe x 1.


Size: 44* 24* 14mm

Weight: 16g

Release tension: approximately 500-8000 g


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