Tips for Waterproof Drones
Dec 12,2019


The popularity of drones has been surging in recent months, with around 7 million units expected to be sold in the US this year. From flying for recreation to aerial photography, unmanned aerial systems (UAS) are gaining traction due to lower prices and evolving technology. For hobbyists and commercial pilots, it’s not enough that drones have great camera power or fantastic range; it is also important that they can fly in any weather. If you are in the market for drones that repel water and humidity, know what to look for before putting your money on the table.

Today, in most people’ memory, Mariner drone is the earliest waterproof consumer drone in the word. But not many know Splash drone and Mariner drone are from the same root. Over the years, there have been some names like Mariner 2, Splash drone pro, Splash drone auto plus or so. Here are the stories.

Batteries Are Critical

They are the most vital parts of any drone and knowing how much power they can store and use is very important to determine how long you can operate them. Remember, flying your drone in bad weather uses up power. Water on your propellers also mean that you’re carrying extra weight that uses energy and drains your battery. If going through the rain, there is a high probability that it’s going to be windy as well which could well kill your battery. Hence, you should certainly check with the manufacturers or sellers how batteries perform when used in these situations.

Proper packing of drones when traveling is also essential to protect your equipment and prevent damage. If you’re going to check in your luggage for a flight, ensure that your UAS is encased in a hard shell or backpack to cushion it from shocks. Drones and batteries must also comply with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules and regulations.

Waterproof Versus Water-Resistant Drones

Nowadays, most drones are marketed as waterproof. However, distinguish between waterproof and water-resistant labelled drones. It is best to scrutinize the fine print of a drone that you are buying to ensure that it will meet your needs and purpose. For example, splash-resistant drones are available that can handle a drizzle or light rain, but are unable to survive a dunking in the sea.

Other models might not do well in saltwater and hence, can only be flown away from the ocean or inland. Moreover, not all waterproof drones can land or take off from the water. If you intend to explore the underwater, the best drone to purchase is a submersible one. Underwater drones is a niche category of drones that is growing rapidly. They can be used for both professional and hobby purposes from filmmaking and scientific research to marine photography and more.

Drones for commercial or recreation purposes are growing in numbers. A waterproof drone that has a good battery life and can withstand inclement weather conditions offers a decent amount of uninterrupted and safe operation.

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